Energetic and Intuitive Healing

Gina Green, LMT/Certified Harmonyum/BodyTalk Provider



Energy Yoga By Gina


Energy Yoga By Gina  is a systematic approach to wellness for those that are looking for natural solutions to their health challenges. It directly addresses the suppressed emotions, thoughts, and disconnected energies that cause illnesses in the mind and body.  It is a combination of private sessions, group educationl classes, and on-line resources to propel one’s healing journey.


Energy Yoga by Gina uses the latest research, education and advances in energy work.  Be assured and comforted knowing you you are getting the most advanced healing available for your most valuable resources, time and money.  Gina meets all stringent Nebraska state requirements and current state licensing to provide energy work for the public. Your practitioner should be able to produce their state licenses upon request or have them posted so you can verify you are getting the legitimate care you are paying for.


Gina is well qualified with over 30 years in health education and multiple modalities in the healing arts arena.  She can directly assess your issues and help to provide tools for healing and improved function. Gina will also utilize a group of connected professionals to meet your needs for referral services such as diietary, herbal, etc.


Energy Yoga By Gina is not a substitute for regular medical care.  Gina’s work is meant to be complimentary to any medical or holistic treatments you may already be receiving. 



BodyTalk- BodyTalk is a step by step, body led, approach to healing. During a session, Gina uses PaRaMa structured protocols to establish new energetic connections with previously broken pathways that are causing health challenges. The BodyTalk System sets up a bio-feedback loop much like applied kinesiology, to quickly reveal what processes are needed by your body. Each session builds on the last so you receive permanent, progressive results. No clothing needs to be removed and is appropriate for all ages.   

60min- $120/per session

*10%, 20%, and 30% discount packages available


Harmonyum I, II & III-This modality can work to improve your physical health and address depression, anxiety, stress, obsessive thoughts or pain. It is directed at balancing the autonomous nervous system to treat the root cause of health challenges and to ignite the body's own healing. Harmonyum is used in private practices, wellness centers, and addiction recovery facilities. It is readily being embraced by doctors for its ability to facilitate change in the body and mind.  It is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions. Harmonyum provides a powerful complementary treatment strategy for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies. It is excellent for pain, insomnia, hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, learning disorders, heart disease, to slow the aging process and immune system challenges. 


60min Harmonyum I/II- $110/session
            Harmonyum III- $125/session

*10%, 20%, and 30% discount packages available.



Cranial Acupressure-  This gentle form of cranial acupressure discharges "excesses" out of the body's meridian system. When the excess energies are released from the body a new "state" of being is established. You will leave feeling lighter, refreshed, and less reactive to situations/people.  improved self-talk.  With regular sessions, thought processes become clearer, self-talk improves, organs function better and there is greater ease in making life changes. Each session expands into the next and permanent results are usually seen after the first session. The head is lightly touched during the process. No clothing is removed and is appropriate for all ages.  This a comfortable treatment for those who cannot lay face down.  It is an especially complementary healing system for those undergoing stressful medical procedures or those who have limited mobility. 

60min- $110/session

*10%, 20%, and 30% discount packages available



Integrative Reflexology- Acupressure is applied to the ears, hands, and feet to reestablish meridian flow in the body.  A Kansa Wand is often used to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Only organic carrier oil and pure essential oils are used during the treatment. Hot towels are used to finish the relaxing treatment.  It is highly effective and rejuvenating for the body and feet.  Add an Ion Foot Detox before your session for extra healing!


60min- $100/session

*10%, 20%, and 30% discount packages available

90min- $135/session w/ Ion Foot Cleanse Added to service.

Ion Foot Cleanse Add On -$35.00

(this discount does NOT apply to Ion Cleanse Price/$50)


Kansa Massage- Brass capped wood wands are used to simulate the meridians channels and nadis points on the body. It is very gentle and relaxing.  It is especially useful for certain clients when regular massage is not an option. They may also be used on the face for toning benefits.

30min- $40/session


Immune System Repair- An advanced form of Energy Yoga By Gina that energizes the endocrine system to work cohesively as a unit in jump-starting the immune system to function in a more powerful way. Gina continues to nourish the solar plexus organs and guides this new synthesis of energy through all the meridians in the body. This is an intense 90-minute session and should not be part of a rushed day.  An average healthy person would benefit having this done 2-3 times a year. Chronic health suffers are recommended to have 20 sessions to reset the immune system.  No clothing is removed, but you are required to lay face down for part of the treatment.

90min- $120/session

*10%, 20%, and 30% discount packages available


Restore Sessions- Are you seeking an instant shift in an area of your life with little effort? Would you be will to try an interactive form of Active Meditation? Restore is a carefully crafted experience for sustaining instant shifts and for relief from the mental grind/pain of the human condition. You select the issues to be addressed and I guide you/your body through the energies and stories that cement your issues in place. Gina will utilize her toolbelt of of modalities to personalize and teach you how to use your own energy centers to heal your own persistent issues.


Private Session-

60min- $120

*10%, 20%, and 30% discount packages available.

Group Sessions=Restore Kick Off Classes

All classes begin at 2pm

$25/class OR  $100/year 

*Free with any package purchase

Jan. 22 Healing Money     

Feb. 5th Healing Cravings

Mar. 5th Smashing Stress

Apr. 2nd Healing the Brain/Focus

May 7th Reaching Goals

June 4th Healing Brain Fog


Package Deals 2017
Option 1
3 months
Minimum 3 services
10% discount off services
Free Restore Kick Off classes ($300.00 value)
Free Restore Advanced Classes($540.00 value)


Option 2
6 months
Minimum 6 services
20% discount off services
Free Restore Kick Off classes ($300.00 value)
Free Restore Advanced classes ($540.00 value)

Option 3
12 months
Minimum 12 services
30% discount off services
Free Restore Kick Off classes ($300.00 value)
Free Restore Advanced classes ($540.00 value)

Published on  January 19th, 2017